that moment

that moment

when you’ve been playing with mod-podge all day, and later on, halfway through a smoke, you realized the cigarette is stuck to your hand.


do-able day off from work

on valentine’s day earlier this year, my boyfriend gave me flowers. they were beautiful. and their beauty overpowered the dime-a-dozen florist vase. i’ve dried the flowers and have them hanging tastefully in the hall way. i didn’t know what to do with a vase, and i have a hard time throwing away any object connected to a sentimental moment. so i did what i do best. threw so paint on it…
first, i squirted a generous amount of paint into the vase, along with water- just a little bit- to dilute the paint and help it spread and cover the inside of the vase. i set it upside down on a paper plate until it dried, then repeated the process on the inside with a slightly darker color than the one i use the first go-round. (:

second, i used painters tape and did several spiral designs, following the body of the vase.

third, as carefully as i could (the anticipation of a finished product kills me) i peeled the semi-still-wet tape away from the painted area.

not the best, but better than it was.

Laptops are more like Kneetops

Feeling raw & sore from Sunday afternoon power yoga.

I just read that ^^^ after I typed it and laughed a bit, because it insinuates that I do it regularly, but I feel the need to clarify I’m no yogi master, I possesĀ  no balance. Only willingness to try different types of mental &/or physical discipline.

Back to the point (I’m so everywhere on this thing) I’m sitting outside, with my laptop on my knees, and I simply feel hugged by the outdoors. I’m not the hugest fan of any outdoor physical activity, besides of course, sitting. And breathing. And listening a bit. And looking around. Watching my neighbors cat move stealthy through the tall (needs to be cut) grass, hunting something that probably doesn’t exist. I don’t know man. It’s just cool. And calming. And exactly what I need. That’s natures gift to me. And everything is exactly what it is. And I’m okay with that. IF ONLY I could use this thought process with other areas in my life. That’s be awesome. Oh my prophetic moments…


I was given a beautiful Fukien Tea bonsai and I’ve come to the realization that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Honestly, I’ve never owned a plant in my life, but I’ve been obsessing a tad bit over treating this plant well. I know I should be pruning it right? But I’m too scared. I’ve read online about little watering tips, and sitting it in direct sunlight for a few hours a day. I just want to be told exactly what I need to do. SO please feel free to help me out!